When your Ex asks if you’re dating anybody

When your Ex asks if you’re dating anybody

Ask Obama Anything - POTUS does an AMA


Reddit.com - I am Barack Obama, President of the UNited States — AMA

For those of you who don’t know, interesting people frequently go on Reddit.com to host an “AMA" - or "Ask Me Anything" - where the person sits down and answers whatever questions or comments people have. Celebrities, people with interesting backgrounds or jobs, people who have experienced interesting events - a large range of people have done ama’s. Notables include Ken Jennings, Bill Nye, Louis CK, Brent Spiner, Larry King, Joss Whedon, and Stephen Colbert. 

President Barack Obama today went on Reddit and did an AMA. (For those of you wondering, his username is PresidentObama.)  He touched on the future of the American space program, the job market, internet freedom, Afghanistan, super-PACs and their role in politics, White House beer, and how he handles family life as the President.  Like most internet links, AMA’s give us a direct connection to the host, their unfiltered responses and opinions in real time and Obama’s deserves a read more than any other. (LINK)

Without a doubt, the best part was his close, where he said


By the way, if you want to know what I think about this whole reddit experience - NOT BAD!

The “Obama Rage Face aka Not Bad" has been a wonderful meme floating around the internet and POTUS’ joke both delights and highlights the fact that he is in touch with today’s world.  Unlike so many other out-dated, stone-age thinking politicians (TODD AKIN), President Obama understands at least what we find funny today - and isn’t that something worth noting?